Welcome to NMUN!

Fostering Global Citizenship since 1927

NMUN is proud to be the first organization to simulate the UN.

National Model United Nations (NMUN) is the world's largest, most prestigious, most diverse, and oldest ongoing university-level Model UN. We annually draw participants from more than 100 UN Member States to address current global issues. We are known for our outstanding volunteer staff and academic rigor. Our experiential learning programs provide students with a forum to hone skills in diplomacy, negotiation, critical thinking, compromise, public speaking, writing, and research. Students benefit from our formal association with the United Nations Department of Global Communications. Our New York conferences culminate at UN Headquarters (subject to availability and approval) with thousands of students in attendance.


Future Conference Dates


  1. 2026: 29 March-2 April & 6-10 April
  2. 2027: 21-25 March & 29 March-2 April
  3. 2028: 2-6 April & 9-13 April


  1. 2025: 7-9 November
  2. 2026: 6-8 November
  3. 2027: 4-6 November


  1. 2025: 23-29 Nov. NMUN • Canada (Banff)
  2. 2026: NMUN • Your Country? Accepting Applications