Mission Briefings

NMUN encourages delegations to set up a meeting with the Mission to the UN from the country they are representing. This is an incredible opportunity to meet with actual representatives of the country studied. Our hope is that the briefing will help your delegation gain a better understanding of the policies and tenor of your country’s work at the United Nations.

Delegations need to schedule their own briefings with the Permanent Missions in the New York City area (Monday before 1 p.m.). If they cannot meet with your group on the day set aside, ask if they might be willing to meet with your delegation virtually on a date prior to the conference. The tools in the blue box have been designed to assist you with requesting a briefing.

Briefings at the Hotel
A limited number of hotel meeting rooms are available for briefings if the Mission doesn’t have enough space to accommodate your delegation. Contact info@nmun.org to request a room on a first-come, first-served basis.

If meeting at the hotel:

  • The group should arrive to the designated room early to make sure it is unlocked.
  • Offer to have the head delegate meet the diplomats in a specific place such as by the sculpture on the 1st floor lobby of the Hilton. Arrive early.
  • Hold a sign with their name(s) on it.
  • Escort them to the meeting room, do not ask the diplomats to find their own way.
  • After the briefing, escort the diplomats out and thank them for their time.