Hotel Information

NY Hotel Information

All students, faculty, and guests are required to stay at the conference hotel. 
(Our Hilton contract intends to provide the lowest rates on our dates, if you find a lower rate there, please let us know.)

Reservation Process - Opens 15 November

(Reservations for our discount rate are only available through NMUN, not via the hotel's site or phone reservation system. Do not contact the Hilton directly. All hotel inquiries should be sent to NMUN.)

Complete the following steps to reserve rooms:

  1. Request hotel rooms on the Confirm Delegation #s and Hotel form. If the system indicates there aren't enough rooms on the dates you need, please contact NMUN.
  2. Pay NMUN no later than 15 February.
  3. Submit the hotel rooming list to NMUN as early as 1 February but no later than 15 February.
Changes to Reservations
  • Add or Cancel Rooms:
    Prior to 15 February: Update both the Confirm Delegation #s and Hotel form and your Rooming List (if submitted).
    After 15 February: Contact NMUN to see if it's possible to add additional people or rooms (neither may be reduced after this date).
  • Roommate Changes: Follow the instructions provided by the Hilton in their email message with your confirmation numbers. If that hasn't been sent yet, send NMUN an updated Rooming List with the changes highlighted.
Confirmation from Hotel
  • Once you complete the Confirm Numbers form, the rooms requested are placed on hold for your delegation.
  • Room confirmation numbers will be sent in March after you've completed all three steps listed above. Make sure the confirmation from the hotel matches what you reserved. If it doesn't, contact NMUN.
  • Failure to submit everything by 15 February makes your hotel rooms eligible to be resold by the hotel and you may need to pay full price.
Hotel and Conference Space

New York Hilton Midtown
1335 Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave. at 53rd St.), New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 586-7000, Fax: (212) 261-5921

Other Details

NMUN negotiates a limited number of hotel rooms at these reduced rates. Once the rooms sell out and / or the deadline passes, whichever comes first, rooms may significantly increase in cost or be unavailable. Our discount rates are available for days before or after the conference at the discretion of the hotel. Do not make your travel arrangements before reserving hotel rooms in item 1 above.