Embassy Briefings

NMUN encourages delegations to set up a meeting with the Embassy from the country they are representing. This is an incredible opportunity to meet with actual representatives of the country studied. Our hope is that the briefing will help your delegation gain a better understanding of the policies and tenor of your country’s work at the United Nations.

Delegations need to schedule their own briefings with the Embassies in the DC area (on Thursday, or Friday before 2 pm). The tools on the right have been designed to assist you with this.

Briefing Protocol
  • Limit the briefing to one hour when scheduling and honor this time limit.
  • Send out an initial request letter. You may need to send several inquiries before you receive a response.
  • Follow up with a confirmation letter.
  • Arrive to the briefing on time.
  • Send a thank you note after the briefing.