Chair Application

NY Chairs

Another educational feature of the conference is elevating delegates to serve with our volunteer committee staff, replicating the UN system where ambassadors serve as committee chairs. Chairs provide administrative and logistical support, and help implement rules of procedure. Serving as a chair highlights skills and preparation. Those serving in a Chair position are still considered to be a representative of their delegation, so in no way does it detract from their delegation's ability to win an overall delegation award. If you are a delegate with previous committee experience (in NY or elsewhere) or may be interested in applying for future NMUN volunteer staff positions, we encourage you to apply. Use the NMUN•NY Chair Application, linked to in the blue box.

Committee Chair Position

Chairs work with their Director and Assistant Director to assist with procedural and administrative tasks, and help ensure that their committee operates in a smooth and efficient manner. This position requires a working knowledge of the NMUN Rules of Procedure and a professional presence on the dais. Chair applicants should have prior Model United Nations experience, particularly at NMUN conferences.