Washington, D.C.

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Diplomacy in the DC Corridor

Join hundreds of college and university students from around the world as we meet in the U.S. capital and participate in discussions on issues at the forefront of international relations. At NMUN•DC 2023 we we will offer eight simulated UN committees utilizing procedural rules developed with UNITAR. The conference features smaller committee sizes than our New York conference, a crisis simulation in the Security Council, and distinguished keynote speakers. Delegations may also arrange briefings at nearby embassies or extend their stay to visit U.S. national museums and monuments.

Volunteer Leadership

Ana Williamson
Ana Williamson
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Ana works as a government contractor within the U.S. Department of Defense space, mostly for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A native to Maryland, she earned her bachelor’s degrees in International Studies and World Languages at West Virginia University and her Master’s Degree in Global Environmental Policy from American University. She currently lives in Bethesda, Maryland where she is an active volunteer for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Danish Club of Washington, D.C. This is Ana’s eighth year volunteering with NMUN•DC.