Visa Information

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Canada?
U.S. Citizens

Determine the visa requirements by visiting the U.S. Department of State - International Travel - Canada page, click on Entry, Exit & Visa Requirements.


Check with your government or the government of Canada to see if a visa is required.

If a Visa is Required

Apply for a visitor / tourist visa. NMUN conferences do not constitute academic study (i.e. it's not the equivalent of a semester of study at a university). To assist with your visa application, our partners may be able to provide a letter confirming that you are registered for the conference. If they decide to provide a letter it does not guarantee that you will be granted a visa.

How to Request a Letter
  1. Register your school for the conference and pay the registration fee. A letter will not be issued until the registration fee has been paid, you have confirmed your delegate numbers online, and your visa appointment is scheduled.
  2. The faculty advisor or head delegate should submit our NMUN Visa Information Form well in advance of your group’s visa interview.
    • It must include data for everyone from your delegation who needs a visa. Include everything requested on the form.
    • Only one letter per school will be issued listing all applicants. You can make copies for each person to include with their individual visa applications.
  3. Failure to secure your visas before the payment deadline will result in your delegation being withdrawn from the conference.