Washington, D.C. 2018 Archive

Diplomacy in the D.C. Corridor

More than 900 university students from around the world came to the U.S. capital to participate in discussions of issues at the forefront of international relations. NMUN•DC 2018 offered eight simulated UN committees utilizing procedural rules developed with UNITAR. The conference featured smaller committee sizes than our New York conference, a crisis simulation in the Security Council, and briefings by distinguished speakers from the Washington, DC diplomatic community. Delegations arranged briefings at nearby embassies and took advantage of the D.C. area by visiting national museums and monuments.

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Economic and Social Council Plenary (ECOSOC)

  1. Increasing the Role of Civil Society in Sustainable Development
  2. Natural Disasters and Climate Change: Mitigating the Effects

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

  1. Feeding Cities of the Future: Urban Biodiversity
  2. Climate Change and Food Security

General Assembly First Committee (GA1)

  1. Addressing the Use of Chemical Weapons
  2. The Role of Emerging Technologies in International Security and Disarmament

General Assembly Second Committee (GA2)

  1. Development Cooperation with Middle-Income Countries
  2. Ensuring Access to Affordable, Sustainable, and Reliable Energy for All

Human Rights Council (HRC)

  1. Protecting the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Emergencies
  2. Expanding Protection for Victims of Gender-Based Violence

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

  1. Protecting Migrants from the Threat of Human Trafficking
  2. Economic Integration of Migrants

Security Council (SC)

  1. Countering the Evolving Global Threat Posed by Non-State Actors
  2. Reviewing the Central African Republic Sanctions Regime

World Health Assembly (WHA)

  1. Treatment and Prevention of HIV/AIDS
  2. Mitigating the Impact of Environmental Health Risks

Volunteer Leadership

Angela Shively
Angela Shively
Chase Mitchell
Chase Mitchell
Deputy Secretary-General