New York 2017 Archive

General Assembly (GA)

General Assembly First Committee (GA1)

  1. The Role of Science and Technology in International Security and Disarmament
  2. Global Nuclear Disarmament
  3. Increasing Women’s Role in Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

General Assembly Second Committee (GA2)

  1. Implementing the Addis Ababa Action Agenda
  2. Harnessing the Green Economy to Eradicate Poverty (SDG 1)
  3. Designing Effective Policies and Institutions to Reduce Inequalities (SDG 10)

General Assembly Third Committee (GA3)

  1. Improving Coordination in Humanitarian Response to Natural Disasters and Other Emergencies
  2. Preventing Violence and Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  3. Promoting Rights and Strengthening Protections for Older Persons

High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF)

  1. Youth Leadership and Education for Sustainable Development
  2. Ensuring Decent Work for All
  3. The Role of Science, Technology, and Innovation in Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Economic and Social Council Plenary (ECOSOC)

  1. Mobilizing Inclusive Partnerships for Sustainable Development
  2. Investing in Sustainable Energy for Rural Areas
  3. Promoting Sustainable Peace by Addressing the Root Causes of Conflict

Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

  1. Enhancing Women’s Role in Peace Processes and Political Transitions
  2. Realizing the Rights of Indigenous Women
  3. Women’s Economic Empowerment in a Changing World of Work

Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)

  1. Strengthening the Rule of Law for Post-Conflict Recovery
  2. Criminal Justice Responses to Prevent and Counter Terrorism in All Forms
  3. Strengthening International Legal Frameworks to Address Sexual Violence in Conflict

Commission for Social Development (CSocD)

  1. Ensuring Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities in Society and Development
  2. Promoting Social and Economic Inclusion of Refugees
  3. Social Dimensions of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development

Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)

  1. Ensuring HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment During Humanitarian Crises
  2. Addressing the Needs of Ageing Populations Living with HIV/AIDS
  3. Mitigating the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Economic Development


United Nations Environment Assembly/Programme (UNEA/UNEP)

  1. Combating Illegal Trade in Wildlife
  2. Implementation of the Paris Agreement
  3. Sustainable Use of the Oceans, Seas, and Marine Resources

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

  1. Empowering Vulnerable Groups through Access to Information and Communications Technology
  2. Sport for Peace and Development
  3. Safeguarding World Heritage

United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

  1. Promoting Sustainable and Resilient Urbanization through Information and Communications Technology
  2. Ensuring Access to Adequate Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene to Promote Urban Health
  3. Eliminating Urban Slums and Ensuring Access to Adequate Housing

World Food Programme (WFP)

  1. Enhancing Food Procurement Strategies
  2. Improving Food Security to Support the Return, Reintegration, and Resettlement of Displaced Populations
  3. Climate Change and Food Security: Strengthening National Capacity and Resilience

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

  1. Harnessing Data for Sustainable Development
  2. The Role of the Private Sector in Promoting Sustainable Development
  3. Gender Mainstreaming in Early Recovery Situations

Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs

Human Rights Council (HRC)

  1. Protecting and Promoting Human Rights to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism
  2. Contribution of Firearms Regulation to the Protection of Human Rights
  3. Human Rights Violations and Abuses against Rohingya Muslims and Other Minorities in Myanmar

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

  1. Promoting Livelihoods and Education for Refugees and Displaced Persons
  2. Addressing Protracted Displacement
  3. Environmental Migration and the Future of Displacement

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

  1. Promoting the Social Inclusion of Children
  2. Strengthening Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Youth Offenders
  3. Education in Emergencies

World Health Organization (WHO)

  1. Mitigating the Public Health Effects of Climate Change
  2. Ensuring Access to Clean and Safe Water
  3. Improving Coordination of Health Services in Outbreaks and Emergencies

United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII)

  1. Global Implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  2. Sustainable Tourism and the Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  3. Development of the Arctic: Preserving Indigenous Rights

Peace and Security

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

  1. Application of IAEA Safeguards in the Middle East
  2. Improving Science and Technology Activities through Technical Cooperation
  3. Nuclear Waste Management

Security Council (SC)

  1. Protection of Civilians in the Context of Peacekeeping Operations
  2. The Situation in Libya
  3. The UN-AU Partnership on Peace Operations