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NMUN Visa Information

Conferences Held Outside the United States

U.S. citizens can determine the visa requirements for our conferences held outside the U.S. by visiting the U.S. Department of State's U.S. Passports & International Travel page, enter the country name, then click on Entry, Exit & Visa Requirements. Others should check with their government or the government of the country where the conference will be held. As a U.S. based NGO, we are not able to issue invitation letters to attend conferences outside of the United States. Your email confirmation of your registration is the only confirmation of acceptance to the conference we offer. Consular officers may contact us directly at +1.612.353.5649 or info@nmun.org with questions.

Conferences Held Inside the United States

Consult with your school's study abroad office or the United States U.S. Visas - Tourism and Visit page to determine if you are required to obtain a travel visa to visit the U.S. and for instructions on how to do so. If required, you should apply for a tourist visa. NMUN conferences do not constitute academic study (i.e. it's not the equivalent of a semester or year of study at a university).

Request a Letter (U.S. Conferences Only)

  1. Register your school for the conference and pay the registration fee. A letter will not be issued until the registration fee has been paid and you have confirmed your delegate numbers.
  2. Contact NMUN, info@nmun.org, well in advance of your group’s visa interview to make your request for a letter. Please allow at least three business days for a response. Failure to secure your visas before the payment deadline will result in your delegation being withdrawn from the conference.
  3. Provide the names of everyone participating, dates of birth, country of citizenship, passport numbers, and passport expiration dates. Requests should only come from the faculty advisor or head delegate and must include everyone from your delegation who needs a visa.
  4. You must use our NMUN Visa Information Form. Be sure to collect the information for all delegation members before submitting the form to us. Only one letter per school will be issued listing all applicants.

Name (as it appears on the passport)
Date of Birth
Passport No.
Obama, Barack Hussein 4 Aug 1961 USA 1234567 31 Jan 2020
Merkel, Angela 17 July 1954 Germany 7654321 15 Dec 2020
Putin, Vladimir 7 Oct 1952 Russia 9876543 12 Mar 2019

Other Advice:

  • Start Early: Contact the Embassy or Consulate upon receiving your assignment to inquire how early participants should apply for visas. It may vary by location. (In general, you should apply more than 60 days in advance of your travel date.)

  • Bring the Letter to Your Interview: Bring a copy of the invitation letter provided by NMUN to the Embassy or Consulate.

  • Travel with the Letter: A copy of the official NMUN letter should also be carried by each participant when traveling. Having a visa does not guarantee entry; further questions as to the purpose of the visit may be asked upon arrival. Also, bring your travel itinerary showing your return plane ticket and information on any other places you will visit.

Visa Letter Request Form

NMUN Visa Information Form

U.S. Visa Requirements: U.S. Conferences

U.S. Visas - Tourism and Visit

Visa Requirements: Non-U.S. Conferences

U.S. Passports & International Travel (for U.S. citizens)

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