Cost Information

Registration Fee (nonrefundable)

$250 USD per school / registration

Delegate Fee

$170 USD per student (delegate / head delegate)

Faculty Fee

$170 USD per faculty advisor

Students may not register as faculty


Book early! Once our rooms sell out you may need to pay full price or find your own accommodations.

77-194 Euros per room, per night (limited number of rooms at each price)

Maximum of 2 people per double/twin room. Breakfast and internet access included.

See the Hotel Information page for details

Mandatory Tours (optional for German schools)

(Half of the delegations will follow a Day 2, then Day 1 order.)

Day 1: Wartburg Castle (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Buchenwald Concentration Camp, lunch included

Day 2: Point Alpha Memorial and one of four City Tours in Erfurt *, lunch included

Thursday: U.S. Thanksgiving Dinner (German delegations who opt out of the tours may attend for 35 euros per person)

Friday: Delegate Dance (German delegations who opt out of the tours may attend for 15 euros per person)

$180 USD per person

  City Tours in Erfurt (attendees will take one)

  1. Jewish-Medieval Heritage: With Erfurt’s well preserved medieval city center, our city offers a unique insight into the life of the Jewish community between the 11th and 14th century. In addition to various architectural and structural relics, many historical objects help us to paint a lively and complex picture of the Jewish community and everyday life as well as Jewish and Christian coexistence in medieval cities. In September 2023, the Jewish-Medieval Heritage of Erfurt received UNESCO World Heritage status.
  2. Postcolonial Erfurt: We live in a post-colonial world of independent nation states, yet the effects of colonialism can still be felt today. Global inequalities, racism, and xenophobia are acute problems, not only of the global community but also on a local level. This tour will lead us to some places in the city where the direct effects of colonialism can be witnessed today, here in the middle of Germany. The goal of this tour is to raise awareness for and educate about Erfurt’s colonial heritage. Participants are invited to learn about this at times uncomfortable truth about our past and to understand better how to best move towards decolonialization.
  3. Peaceful Revolution: The term “revolution” is often associated with forceful uprisings against political leaders, therefore “peaceful” seems to contradict that. What is known as the “peaceful revolution” in Germany, however, are the events in 1989 that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and later culminated in the reunion of the two German states. In many eastern German cities people went out to the streets to protest for true freedom. This tour will talk about Erfurt’s role during those times, especially about an eventful day in December 1989.
  4. Museum Gedenkstätte Andreasstrasse*: A former GDR prison for political dissidents and venue to our Human Rights Council, this visit will teach about the more than 5,000 people that were imprisoned there between 1949 and 1989. Some of the original prison cells are still intact and enable us to get a glimpse at what life must have looked like for the inmates. Participants have the opportunity to visit the exhibition about oppression and its resistance in the GDR. After touring the museum, guests will be able to listen to the personal testimony of a former inmate. 
    * During the conference, all attendees may access the museum exhibition for free with their NMUN badge. The HRC committee sessions are held at the museum.


Breakfast: included at conference hotels

Lunch (Monday-Tuesday): for those taking the tours, all other lunches are on your own

Dinners: on your own (dinner on Thursday is included for those who paid for the tours; German delegations who opt out of the tours may attend for 35 euros per person)

Airport Ground Transportation

Costs Vary

Consult the Deutsche Bahn Website to book train tickets to Erfurt Hbf from the airports. It’s usually less expensive if you book well in advance. The train ride is roughly two hours. The nearest airports for international flights are:

Other Costs to Consider

  • Travel to and from Erfurt, Germany
  • Insurance (Health, Travel, Conference / Trip Cancellation, Emergency Evacuation, etc.)
  • Passport (make sure the expiration date is at least six months after the conference dates)
  • Visa (if needed)
  • Sightseeing and Souvenirs