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NMUN•Germany - Erfurt

At NMUN•Germany, delegates from colleges and universities all over the world will focus on pressing global issues while appreciating how a modern European city thrives alongside the region’s medieval and Cold War history. Modern Erfurt boasts one of the country’s largest Christmas markets in a historic downtown where the conference will take place amid the artisan chocolatiers and cobblestone streets. On cultural tours, delegates will visit the Buchenwald concentration camp, Wartburg Castle (a UNESCO world heritage site where Luther translated the bible into German), and the Point Alpha Memorial (a Cold War US observation post on the East German border, next to a portion of the Iron Curtain). The conference will be held in partnership with the University of Erfurt. Gehen wir! – Let’s go!

Getting there: The nearest airports for international flights are Munich (MUC), Frankfurt (FRA), and Berlin Schönefeld (SXF) or Tegel (TXL). To get to Erfurt from the airports consult the Deutsche Bahn Website to book train tickets online. If you book well in advance it’s usually less expensive. The airport in Frankfurt is connected to a train station (FRA Fernbahnhof), so you literally just need to follow the signs to the train station and hop on the train. In Berlin and Munich you need to take a bus/metro to the main train station. The train ride is roughly two hours from all three cities. 

Christmas market photo courtesy of Erfurt Tourismus und Marketing GmbH/Barbara Neumann. Gedenkstätte Andreasstrasse photo courtesy of Claus Bach; Rechte: Stiftung Ettersberg/Gedenk- und Bildungsstätte Andreasstraße.

Volunteer Leadership

Johanna Günkel
Johanna Günkel
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Johanna is a B.A. student of International Relations and Social Sciences at the University of Erfurt. She is an active member of Amnesty International and is interested in ways to enhancing and ensuring international human rights standards. Besides participating in numerous MUN conferences such as NMUN New York 2018, she was a tutor for her University’s delegation to NMUN China 2018.
Marleen Schreier
Marleen Schreier
Deputy Secretary-General

Program Partners and Membership

We are grateful for the support of these organizations. NMUN is a member of UNAI. 

University of Erfurt
UN Academic Impact
UNA Germany