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NMUN•Galápagos - San Cristóbal Island, Ecuador

At NMUN•Galápagos, delegates can protect the environment in words and actions. Committees will focus on global environmental issues that directly impact this unique biosphere. Outside conference sessions, we offer a service learning opportunity in the national park. Ecuador is home to two of the original twelve UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We will explore the first one, Galápagos Islands, on land and in the water. We will also tour the second one: the historical city center of Quito. Sessions are held in partnership with Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Their institute on San Cristóbal Island is located on its own beach adjacent to the national park. Sea lions will be plentiful. Space is extremely limited, so reserve your place early.

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María José Gellibert
María José Gellibert
Andrea Sáenz
Andrea Sáenz
Assistant Secretary-General

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