New York 2007 Archive


General Assembly Plenary (GAPlen)

  1. Structuring and Implementation of the New Human Rights Council
  2. Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers
  3. Developing International Partnerships to Combat Diseases Resulting from Environmental Degradation

Security Council (SC)

  1. Protecting Human Rights after the Darfur Peace Agreement
  2. The Situation in Iran
  3. Timor-Leste: Post-Withdrawal Analysis

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)

  1. Building Institutions for Economic Growth
  2. Creating Grassroots Economies: Developing Credit and Linkages to Social Programs in Rural Areas
  3. Bolstering Regional Macroeconomic Coordination

Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)

  1. Formulating a Regional Response to Globalization: Creating Economic Opportunities and Addressing the Social Consequences
  2. Reconstruction in Iraq: Direct Assistance, Monitoring, and Coordination with Other Agencies
  3. Continuing Efforts in Secure Housing, Land Tenure, and Good Urban Governance

World Health Organization (WHO)

  1. Twenty-Five Years of HIV/AIDS: Evaluating the Epidemic and Global Response
  2. Combating the Spread of the Avian Influenza
  3. Developing Stockpiles and Distribution Strategies for Antibioterrorism and Related Agents

African Development Bank (ADB)

  1. Challenges of Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in War-Affected Economies
  2. Policies for Regional Integration in Africa
  3. Promoting Good Governance for Sustainable Human Development

Organization of American States (OAS)

  1. Evaluating Human Rights in the Americas
  2. The OAS and Free Trade Areas and Promotion
  3. Special Security Concerns of Small Island States