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We have a variety of methods to share the NMUN experience. Use the links on this page to "experience" the impact of NMUN!

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What are people saying about NMUN? To find out, read our compilation of Comments from Students and Faculty Who Attended NMUN•NY 2014 and NMUN•NY 2013 or the featured quotes at the bottom of this page.

NMUN•New York 2014 Slideshow

Statesmen in Training: Exploring the World through the Model United Nations Program. (2012, Fall). The University of Texas at Tyler Magazine, 9(2), 14-19. Online version.
This article has been posted with the permission of The University of Texas at Tyler.

Featured Quotes

I would just like to commend everyone involved with NMUN on all the hard work they do on and off the scene. All of the staff are always so helpful and enthusiastic. I know how physically and mentally exhausting NMUN can be so thank you for always putting your best face on. NMUN has changed my life in more ways than one. I have grown in so many ways because of it; as a leader for my delegation, as an academic, and as a person. I recommend NMUN to every college student I meet, for without it, I wouldn't be the strong, confident young woman I am today.
--Bridget Boothe, 2013 NMUN•NY Head Delegate, West Virginia University


The NMUN conference was the most incredible experience I have ever had in my life. I met so many different people from all around the world and made memories that will stay with me forever. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and I will never take this conference, or the time I was able to spend in New York for granted. NMUN has empowered me in so many ways as well as taught me that I really can make a substantial difference in our world.
-- 2013 NMUN•NY Delegate


UW-MUN had a rewarding and invaluable experience at NMUN. Our delegation spent five intensive days building international consensus over pressing issues with students from all over the world. In addition to expanding our knowledge on pertinent global issues, NMUN provided an education forum to improve public speaking, research and writing skills. NMUN is the highlight of our Model United Nations experience.
-- Shima Houshyar, Director of External Affairs, Model United Nations at the University of Washington


The Texas Christian University Model United Nations program is a year-long experience that includes two academic classes (UN Institutions and Processes and International Organizations Research). This year’s team consisted of 35 students, including 20 who were participating in the New York conference for the first time. National Model UN provides an excellent backdrop to learn not only about the UN and global governance, but also the complexity and interconnectedness of the myriad issues facing the world as well as the distinct national perspectives that make finding solutions to these issues so difficult. To assist in additional fundraising for the conference, a student recently used the TCU MUN program as a project for an advertising class, helping to develop a strategy to market the program to alumni of the program and to other potential donors
-- Prof. Eric Cox, Model UN Faculty Advisor, Texas Christian University


I could not have asked for a more intelligent, exciting, and varied group of delegates to attend this conference with... This interaction (at the NMUN Conference) helped to break down walls of apprehension for first time delegates like me…Everything I studied in preparation for NMUN, about the UN process and about my country’s objectives jumped from the pages.
-- Christopher Delaney, NMUN•NY Participant


What I find most inspiring for my students is that after preparing for half a year, we fly to a big city, stay in a big hotel and find thousands of students who are just as motivated as they are. It gives the feeling that the will to make a change actually makes sense, that it takes a collective effort to do it, and that New York in April is where the collective gathers.
-- Christoph Leischwitz, Model UN Faculty Advisor, Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich


The experiences and education gained by students by participating in National Model UN are more valuable than can occur in a standard college classroom. The skills I gained from participating as a delegate at NMUN I use frequently today as a college professor and as a scholar of international affairs. The exposure to students from around the world has enriched my life and continues to enrich the lives of the students I bring to the conference every year. I would highly recommend NMUN to any student or faculty member who wants to gain a better understanding of the world around them.
-- Kevin Grisham, Model UN Faculty Advisor, California State University, San Bernardino


We were given the chance to use negotiating skills in a real life environment while enjoying the exceptional venue it was set in. As we worked to get an in-depth knowledge of Senegal’s foreign policy and specific interests, we were led to question our take on foreign relations: trying to envision the UN from the perspective of a country belonging to a different continent was certainly one of the high points of the preparation of the conference. And while in New York, meeting with so many students from different countries and discovering we share a common belief in the values of dialogue and discussion contributed to make this experience valuable to us.
-- Juliette Laborie & Claire Boucher, participants, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, France


Educational Video

NMUN Diplomacy Interview

Images from Previous Conferences
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NMUN•NY 2012 Panoramic UN Photo


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