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18 - 24 November 2012

NMUN Planned Return to Xi'an in 2012

This conference, held in partnership with Northwestern Polytechnical University, hoped to welcome an international gathering of college/university level Model UN enthusiasts back to Xi’an, China. The conference was scheduled to offer rigorous debate and numerous cultural experiences including visits to the Terra Cotta Warriors. Unfortunately, in late October, authorities in the Chinese government requested that all international conferences be suspended as their nation needed to focus on the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

NMUN•China 2012 Committee Topics and Background Guides

Committee Topics
Background Guides

GA Plenary

  1. International Cooperation Against the World Drug Problem

  2. Protection of Biodiversity in a Changing Climate

GA Background Guide China 2012 PDF

Security Council (SC)
  1. Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict

  2. The Situation in the Middle East, including Syria
SC Background Guide China 2012 PDF
ECOSOC Plenary
  1. Promoting Partnerships to Address Youth Unemployment in Post-Conflict Nations

  2. Increasing Access to Education for Children with Disabilities

ECOSOC Background Guide China 2012 PDF

Special Session on Rural Development (SSRD)
  1. Public-Private Partnerships in Rural Development

  2. Gender and Rural Development
SSRD Background Guide China 2012 PDF

Program Partner




Letter From Our Partner in China

23 October 2012

All NMUN-China participants:

First of all, I would take this opportunity to thank you all for your interest and support for NMUN-China 2012. We have been expecting to meet you and have you in Xi'an for a wonderful time. And we have been working hard to try to give you a great conference, at which students from different countries would make friends and would share ideas. We did have a wonderful experience of NMUN-China 2008 which turned out to be the first NMUN conference outside of America and made the new record for expanding MUN programs in China.

However, it is a great pity that due to the directive from our Ministry authority that all international programs would be postponed for the upcoming Chinese government & party congress, our conference is cancelled. We feel very much sorry for all the impacts this brings to you. And we are working hard to try our best to reduce the impact to the minimum.

For the hotel refund, please contact Ms, Liu Fei at sophiayucheng@hotmail.com. For those who have got your visas and air tickets, while you apply for the refund from airlines, you can also be encouraged to come to Xi’an for a visit. NPU students would love to be your tour guides.

I also would like to extend our gratitude to NCCA people for their hard work all along for the preparation of the conference and for their understanding to the situation and most for all they have done to try to reduce the impacts. We would hope this setback would not affect the trust and friendship in between and we would envision a bright future of cooperation program.

Ruan Hongmei

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