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10 - 13 March



.Osgood Center This simulation was held at the same time as the High Level APEC meeting in the US capital of Washington, DC. Delegates benefited from interaction with representatives of APEC member states as they discused issues facing this vibrant region. NMUN•APEC was held in partnership with the Osgood Center for International Studies with additional support from the Friends of APEC

Working Group
Background Guides
1. Deploying Cleaner and More Efficient Energy Technologies
2. Maritime Energy Transport Security
3. APEC’s Contribution to Green Innovation
PDF Energy Background Guide APEC 2011

Food Security


1. Recent Progress in Biofuels Technologies
2. Agribusiness Challenges in an Economy’s Legal and Regulatory Environment
3. APEC’s Ability to Adjust and Mitigate the Impact of Climate Change
PDF FoodSecurity Background Guide APEC 2011



1. Global Health Epidemics: Threats to Agriculture, Trade & Tourism
2. Improving Health Promotion through Advances in Health Information Technology
3. Women’s Contribution to Global Health
PDF Health Background Guide APEC 2011

Human Resource Development


1. Investment in Higher Education in the APEC Region
2. Reinforcing Social Protection & Employment Assistance for Vulnerable Groups
3. Improving Students’ Intercultural Adaptability and Constructive Interaction
PDF HumanResourcesDev Background Guide APEC 2011

Internal Security


1. Enhancing Regional Cooperation through Counter-Terrorism Financing
2. Applying Mechanisms for Combating Corruption and Money Laundering
3. Re-Evaluating the STAR Priorities for 2011: The Secure Trade in the APEC Region (STAR) Initiative
PDF InternalSecurity Background Guide APEC 2011


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