NMUN Fundraising Ideas

Many delegations need to raise funds to support their participation in NMUN conferences. Be sure to start early with your efforts and approach fundraising with a long-term vision. Here is a basic outline for fundraising to attend NMUN conferences.

  1. Organize your delegation. Determine who will attend as your delegation and whether you will have advisory support from your school in order to create a budget.

  2. Create a budget. Estimate all costs and sources of funding for your delegation. Each conference has its own "Costs" page that lists various cost considerations. Links to each conference may be found on the left.

  3. Publicize your NMUN delegation. Create awareness of your school’s or organization’s National Model UN program and its purpose.

  4. Seek funds and sponsorships for your expenses (see suggestions below).

  5. Thank your funders after the conference and create a report for future fundraising.

Fundraising Tips for Your NMUN Delegation

  • Seek on-campus funding sources. Most universities have departments with discretionary funds for specific projects. Frequent NMUN funding comes from Political Science or International Relations Departments and/or Study Abroad Offices. Contact your Department Head or Faculty Advisor to inquire about on-campus funding sources.

  • Create an online crowdfunding campaign page or utilize other social media to solicit contributions to your delegation.

  • Hold a local fundraiser on campus or in your community. We have heard of many successful bake sales, garage sales, dances, raffles, car washes, walks/runs, or specific product fundraisers such as the Equal Exchange Organic & Fair Trade Fundraising Program.

  • Develop publicity and/or sponsorship materials. Whether you are asking your relatives, a local organization, or a large foundation for funding, they all will want to know why you are raising money. Write a letter, create a brochure, and have a copy of your budget readily available to explain your purpose. Consult with your university to determine if you may use their nonprofit status to raise funds, since many funders are only able to donate to 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations.

  • Contact local or international service organizations such as Rotary International, YMCA, Kiwanis International, Lion’s Club, Jaycees, etc. Many have applications to complete as part of their review process, so be sure to contact these organizations early in your fundraising efforts.

  • Seek out foundation grants. Many corporations and private foundations support educational, youth, and international cooperation programs. The Foundation Center is a provider of information on worldwide philanthropy sources. They provide links to Common Grant Applications.

  • Consult with a librarian. Most major libraries in the United States have entire sections devoted to grant writing and fundraising resources.

  • Apply for scholarships. Many universities and educational organizations provide scholarships for MUN programs.

  • Enter the NMUN•New York Video Contest. Two $1,000 and two $500 awards are given in the form of NMUN•NY delegate fee waivers towards the following year's conference in New York. Winning videos are featured on our NMUN You Tube channel.

  • Contact the Alumni Office on your campus. They may know of alumni who work for companies that may be willing to help fund your delegation.

  • Create a NMUN alumni group on your campus in order to stay in touch with former students who attended NMUN. Once they are established in their careers, they are often willing to donate so others may share the NMUN experience.

Good Luck with your fundraising efforts!


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