20-24 March 2016 (Conference A)
27-31 March 2016 (Conference B)


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NMUN•NY Chair and Rapporteur Information

Delegates wishing to take an active leadership role in their NMUN•NY committees, as well as delegates who may be interested in applying for volunteer staff positions in the future are encouraged to apply to become a chairperson or rapporteur for their committee. Use the NMUN•NY Chair/Rapporteur Application to apply.

Details on Applying

Delegates need to submit their application to the Deputy Secretary-General of the conference they are attending by 7 March 2016 (Conference A) or 14 March 2016 (Conference B). Applications received by the preferred deadline will receive priority consideration. Applications submitted after this date, will be considered but are not guaranteed an interview.

All individuals who are selected as chairs or rapporteurs for committees at the NMUN•NY conference will be required to relinquish their position as delegates representing a given state or NGO. However, they are still eligible for recognition each session of the committee and a delegate’s service in these positions in no way detracts from his/her delegation’s ability to win an overall delegation award.

Delegates who are selected for the positions of chair and rapporteurs are required to be present on the morning of the second day of NMUN•NY (during the time allotted for mission briefings) for training sessions run by the NMUN•NY Secretariat and are required to execute their assigned duties.

Committee Chair Position

The chair is responsible for the procedural functions of the committee. Working with the Director and Assistant Director (AD), he or she assures that the committee operates in a smooth and efficient manner. This position requires a very thorough working knowledge of the rules of procedure and a professional presence on the dais. Chair applicants should have significant Model United Nations experience, particularly at the NMUN Conference. To ensure consistency and overall preparedness, there will be a mandatory training session for all selected committee chairs. This training session will help both new and returning chairs familiarize themselves with the rules being implemented at the Conference.

"Serving as a chair gave me the opportunity to see the debate and the work of the committee in a new way. It's something wonderful to see the different groups develop their ideas whilst keeping an objective view on the debate... that and using the gavel."

-- Théo Thieffry, Chair Committee on Sustainable Development

Rapporteur Position

Each committee has a rapporteur who serves as an aide to the Director, the Assistant Director (AD), and the chair. Often, full membership committees appoint two rapporteurs to assist in the management of large rooms. The rapporteur is responsible for maintaining the speakers list, the order of the resolutions on the floor, amendments, verifying vote counts, and similar administrative matters. The rapporteur is also called upon to assist in the preparation of final committee reports. Applicants for this position should be highly organized, alert, flexible, and possess strong writing skills. There will be a mandatory orientation session so that rapporteurs may familiarize themselves with committee and Conference Services procedures.

"Serving as a Rapporteur improved my organization and leading skills, but it also gave me the chance to be part of the NMUN team which means working together with amazing people and gaining international friendships."

-- Pauline Rybka, Rapporteur of Economic and Social
Commission for Asia and the Pacific


Application Form:

NMUN•NY Chair/Rapporteur Application (available mid to late January)

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